Gw2 warrior builds

Warriors are masters of weaponry who rely on speed, strength, toughness, and heavy armor to survive in battle. Adrenaline fuels their offensive power—the longer warriors stay in a fight, the more dangerous they become. Adrenaline is the warrior's unique profession mechanic. As a warrior attacks, adrenaline is built up and can be spent on a powerful burst attack.

Each weapon set has a single burst skill, which has a variety of different conditions that become more powerful depending on how much adrenaline the warrior has built up. Adrenaline has three power levels, each increasing the effect of the current weapon set's burst skill.

More adrenaline can also provide the warrior with other improvements like increased damage or health regeneration, as shown in the skill's tooltip.

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Warriors also have the highest selection of weapons to choose from compared to other professions, giving a good variety of play-styles to choose from. Like the other two soldier professions, guardian and revenantwarriors wear heavy armorwhich grants them high defense. To compensate for the warrior's lack of healing abilities, however, warriors have a much higher base health. See list of warrior skills.

The solo pve warrior build?

See list of warrior traits. The warrior is a soldier profession and thus wears heavy armor.

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There are 19 possible terrestrial weapon sets available to the warrior profession and two aquatic sets. The warrior can equip and alternate between two weapon sets, but, as with other professions, doing so in combat induces a short recharge to prevent continuous switching between weapons.

This recharge can be decreased by equipping the Fast Hands trait once it is learned. The following crafting disciplines can be used to create items that are useful to the warrior:. In the biography step of character creationwarriors must decide which article of clothing they wear on the battlefield to be respected, choosing from either of two helms or a pair of pauldrons. Warriors are the bread-and-butter of the various armies throughout Tyria.

They have long been masters of weaponry, preferring to eschew magic in favor of raw physical prowess.Purple Miku 29 Comments Jun 28, The warrior is an incredibly versatile class with a strong foothold in the current meta game in all 3 modes of gameplay, able to excel using a variety of different builds. This guide will focus on the Player vs Environment PvE aspects of the warrior. It is a class with extremely high potential that is both overestimated and underestimated.

Effective warrior guide

Adrenaline will slowly deplete over time when a warrior is out of combat, so it is necessary to build up adrenaline at the start of every encounter. It is the weapon that will be most commonly used in combat.

Despite the fact that the damage coefficients between the 3 hits are higher than most other weapons, the autoattack chain of the greatsword is fairly low DPS. Brutal Strike applies no vulnerability but deals slightly higher damage than the first two hits in the chain, meaning that in addition to the fairly slow attack speed of this autoattack sequence resulting in low DPS, the damage is slightly backloaded as well. Unfortunately there are two negative aspects of this skill; the cast time and the fact that it roots the warrior in place.

Bladetrail is a ranged attack in the form of a projectile that cripples and damages enemies that it passes through. The projectile will return to the user and hit twice in total, although it can and will get obstructed by terrain if used nearby. What this means is that this skill is only a DPS increase if used out in the open where the projectile is able to hit its targets twice.

If an enemy is against a wall or near a surface that will obstruct the projectile, it is a DPS loss over autoattacking. Rush has many practical uses, all of which make it a very important skill for the warrior both in and out of combat. Out of combat it can be used to travel large distances quickly.

However as of the June Specializations update, swiftness no longer affects movement skills making Rush feel rather sluggish when used out of combat and with swiftness. As a result, it may appear as if this skill seems like it moves faster when in combat when it in fact does not. In combat it can be used for a large spike of damage due to its very high damage coefficient, or in certain situations for kiting mobs.

Unlike all other skills on the greatsword, Rush is the only one that does not cleave and is only a DPS increase for single targets. Arcing Slice cleaves for high damage and deals significantly higher damage to foes below half health. The Triple Chop is backloaded and is both the strong and weak point of the axe mainhand, as the final hit of it deals roughly twice the damage of all of the previous chops. Because of this, it is important to avoid interrupting an axe autoattack chain as it is a fairly relevant DPS loss to lose out on the final hit of Triple Chop.

One very uncommonly known trick to this autoattack chain is that the second hit of Double Chop can be interrupted with a weapon stow, allowing the possibility of beginning Triple Chop a fraction of a second quicker. This weapon stowing trick results in a DPS increase, though it requires a lot more user input and precise timing for very little benefit.

Eviscerate is the most powerful single-target damaging melee weapon skill available to the warrior if used at full adrenaline, only matched by a Final Thrust used on an enemy below half health. The only skill on any weapon that surpasses its damage is Kill Shot, which will be mentioned further down in the guide. Axe off hand is unfortunately much less useful and very niche for the warrior, as its skills are both underwhelming in damage and utility.

Dual Strike is one of few weapon skills available that provides the warrior with fury, however it is rarely needed due to the fact that warrior already has easy access to high and in many cases permanent fury uptime.

Despite the fact that it deals a decent amount of damage itself, it does not justify casting over an autoattack chain on axe main hand unless for some reason there is a downtime in fury. Whirling Axe is an attack that often fools newer warrior players into thinking it is much better than it actually is, due to the fact that it hits 15 times over the course of 3. Despite the aesthetically-pleasing final number displayed, it is important to remember that this display is a result of all 15 hits, which is why newer players often get confused as many will forget that each time the number changes it is cumulative rather than reflecting the individual damage of each strike.

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In the end, Whirling Axe is actually a DPS loss over autoattacking with axe mainhand is which is a disappointment but an undeniable truth. Additionally due to the quick succession of individual hits during the channel, it can be used to fill a bar of adrenaline very quickly. Mace main hand is, unfortunately for mace lovers, extremely awful DPS and a very niche weapon that will rarely be used in PvE.

It is only used in rare circumstances when an extra block on a very short cooldown is needed or even rarer circumstances when for whatever reason defiance stripping is needed from a warrior in groups this is typically not the role of the warrior, so it hardly ever happens.

The mace main hand has one of our weakest autoattack chains out of all of our weapons and is the main reason why axe is always preferable — the DPS is just too low on mace. Mace Smash and Mace Bash behave identically in terms of damage, number of targets, and cast time, however Pulverize has a slightly longer cast time and deals roughly twice the damage and applies 5 seconds of weakness. Counterblow is the defining skill of mace main hand and the sole reason it is typically ever found to be useful in PvE, as it provides our shortest cooldown block out of all weapons.I'd love to solo champions and all events on a warrior like I do my ranger and necro.

Is there a build for warrior or any elite specs that compete with the self sustain of say a scourge or druid? I'm always playing alone rarely with people unless doing a meta so when I find champions I'd love to take them out alone.

If I go melee I feel like I'm at a disadvantage. I've been forced to go ranged just because of how hard mobs hit in the expansions. Only problem is a litlle lack of control for mobs that get a defiance bar. Otherwise similar build with Berserker Spe give you a little less sustain but a bit more damage and CC.

The best things to do in Open world is really just to take a build you enjoy, because in the end prettyt much evrything can work as long as you dont slack in mobs aoe and use your dodge key from time to time. But yeah, not that ideal.

gw2 warrior builds

After trying both GS,Hammer,Dual dagger. GS are better at dealing damage and mobility. Dagger got build in quickness and might via trait and almost instant interrupt and burst damage with 2 Gap closer make it ideal for General PVE.

Hammer Telegraph may not matter on most mobs but slow attack speed on hammer will make it hard to fight mobs with CC due to animation lock. Try fighting Sand Lion on hammer for starter you will know the pain. Axe is cool for clearing trash mob but for Bounty which require CC on some boss.

So Axe is failed on those. On Spell breaker it kitten by only 1 adrenaline mechanic. Full counter on spell breaker let you block that nasty CC hit and do AoE stun on group of mobs While berserker just Stun break out of it.

Axe stilll hits like a truck in spellbreaker if you are comboing correctly and keeping the right buffs up. Like previously suggested you can switch out some util skills and swap a mace or shield in areas that you need a ton of breakbar. The raw damage advantage of Axe is simply a bigger advantage when it comes to PvE.

However, if you like Dagger for whatever reason, go ahead. Bulls charge and kick alone arent enough CC to solo some champs breakbars. Just FYI. Full berserker.Note: This article is intended to provide guidance for experienced characters playing new warrior PvE characters or inexperienced warriors looking for additional options.

If this is your first time playing guild wars, please see one of the getting started guides. A warrior's place is in battle knee deep in foes and first to the fight. Warriors have the highest natural Armor rating of any class, as well as defensive and endurance skills such as Dolyak Signet"Watch Yourself! As a general rule, warriors should be among the first into a battle and among the last out.

In PvE, the primary responsibility is to mitigate damage to the rest of the group by absorbing as much as possible, attempt to block or hinder foes attacking casters, and engage other warriors attempting to attack the rest of the party.

Once the serious threats to the casters have been dealt with, move on to the opposing casters. In PvP, many effective warrior builds revolve around spikingpressuringlinebacking or a combination of the preceding tactics. In PvP, engaging opposing casters is typically more important and more useful than fighting other warriors. Warriors can make use of adrenaline skills that take no energy.

These skills have to be charged by successfully attacking, either with a melee weapon, a bow, a spear, or a wand. Warriors can also use shoutswhich have no activation time, and often aid the entire party.

gw2 warrior builds

Always carry a resurrect skill of some kind, as a higher armor rating and survival skills means the warrior will be most likely to survive a near- wipe situation. Monk and Ritualist secondaries should carry reusable resurrection spells like Rebirth or Flesh of My Flesh. It is also advisable for warriors to carry self-healing skills, such as Healing Signet.

Skills like these can keep the warrior effective longer, and allow primary monks to concentrate healing on more vulnerable allies. It is important to choose a single weapon to use with your warrior. Attribute points are in short supply, and focusing on a single weapon is the only way to use them effectively. See Runes and Armor for options on creating a weapon-flexible warrior. Be sure to read the associated page for details on your chosen weapon.

Strength-based armor penetration stacks with sundering weapon upgrades, but is replaced by skill based armor penetration. Tactics skills have party-wide effects or are useful for personal countering. Most Tactics skills are defensive in nature. Warriors have a great selection of stances, both offensive and defensive, generic and specific. The most popular are IAS stances which increase the damage output and help build adrenaline for other skills.

All these stances come with a penalty and there is no single, best skill in all situations. Due to the warrior's role in combat and the perfect situational awareness of monsters, Frenzy should be used only in specially planned PvE situations.

Self-healing is especially important for a warrior because of their position on the frontlineoften out of range of the monk, taking the brunt of the damage. Here is an example armor set for a flexible warrior that allows the warrior to change weapons, skills and attribute bonuses at will.

The sword warrior uses his weapon to duel a single enemy at a time, causing conditions like bleeding and doing heavy armor ignoring damage with his attack skills.

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Guild Wars 2 Warrior PVP Build

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